Friday, July 30, 2010




I used a krylon spray paint that is made for plastic furniture so that it would stick to the top well. I am asking $25! Please let me know if you are interested!!! 501.951.1577

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DIY Dorm Room for cheap

I found this one on

Construction paper feature wall! The investment is minimal & it only takes couple of hours on a weekend to transform an otherwise dull space. As Candace Olsen would say... "HOW divine!"

I got the above idea from

COFFEE FILTER WALL FLOWERS: Cheap, funky, & fun! The best part is you don't have to worry about dorm room rules, no need to nail holes in the wall, you can use sticky-tack or tape for this pretty design!

How To:
Round up a ton of coffee filters, how many you need will be based on how intricate of a design you want to make
Cut them as desired (refer to the picture for examples of how she cut around the border on some of the filters).
Using sticky-tack, firmly press them to the wall in whatever design you desire! You can copy the example above or let your creative juices flow and create a work of art all your own!

This was mine & Chelsea Grahams dorm room our freshman year at UCA. We lived in hughes hall on the 1st floor in a tinie-tiny room! This is how we made it feel "homey"... We got pink insulation foam panels at home depot & cut them down the the size we wanted using an exacto-knife. Then we used spray adhesive to glue to batting to the foam & then did the same thing with the red fabric we found on clearance. The headboards sit on the floor & you just push the bed up against it to hold them into place. To add a little more flare, we used hercules hooks to hang black & white prints on them that we purchased for cheap at walmart. This made us feel cozy & not like we were in a dorm room... They can also be pushed together to make a queen headboard which is what they are currently being used for... very functional.

Our parents had a bunch of old records that we used as wall decorations. We used sticky tack to hang them so that it didn't ruin the records & hung them angled to make it a little more funky. This drew peoples eyes up when they entered the room.

The dorm rooms are TINY so the best way to maximize your space is to build up! Chelsea's dad built us these custom shelves that sat on the top of our desks... I don't know what we would have done without these! They were a HUGE help.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I love the look of an old potato sack as a pillow. Rustic but fun! Burlap is great to mix with modern. It rustic, masculine, & casual which I love because it throws all of the girly classy things for a curve. I like the mix-n-match style look. I guess eclectic would be the word... I love this idea because its cheap, practical, & useful... I would love to make GIANT floor pillows for dogs & kids out of burlap. It would be perfect for a family/game-room!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Thank you Jesus for giving us trees!!! The uses for them are numerous & I love the idea of taking natural elements indoors. Now if you're a tree hugger, I apologize because I think making stumps into side tables is pure genius! You can leave them natural, sand & stain it, or paint it... love love love!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do it yourself room.

My headboard is made out of two hollow doors. I got a discount on the doors because they had been punctured. Then I hinged the two doors together on the front and back. Next I sprayed adhesive on the doors & laid my foam on top, wrapped it with black corduroy fabric all the way around, & stapled it on the back. It is about 3-4 inches thick and It can be a big dramatic queen headboard turned vertically & a king size headboard turned horizontally. The bed is just pressed up against it, no need to mount it because it sits on the floor.

This was a brass chandelier that I found at Salvation Army for $4 and spray painted black. It is probably my favorite piece in my room and was SUPER cheap.

This chair my mom found at Blue Suede Shoes in Bryant for $20 and then we had it recovered... so cute!

This dresser was my great-grandmas that I painted black & added antique pulls. It was originally a yellow/orange wood with boxy wooden pulls.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dresser with glass knobs for sale


Off White 5 drawer dresser with glass knobs. I have wooden knobs as well if you prefer those but I personally thought the glass knobs made it more elegant. The drawers open & close smoothly.

32.5" L x 16.5" W x 50.5" H.... [PRICE: $175]

Sorry this one had now been sold! More furniture to sell coming soon!

Keep the Klutter Kute!

Okay, this is probably as easy & cheap as it gets... but how creative! Someone I know did this with a shutter hanging vertically & uses it in her kitchen to put wedding invitations, Christmas cards, & other things on. Too stinkin cute!

Bulletin boards are adorable, I don't care who you are! Especially ones like this one. They took square pieces of cork board (which you can buy for cheap at hobby lobby), covered them in different scrap pieces of fabric, & then mounted them inside an old picture frame! Magnificent! I want to make my own but do it in a 3 x 3 squares & frame it with left over crown molding.

Whoever invented chalkboard paint is brilliant! I love the looks of a chalkboard to-do list in kitchens or laundry rooms but I have to admit I absolutely can't stand the sound & texture of chalk. It gives me the heebie jeebies! I wish someone would invent a black dry erase board paint & a white dry erase board marker... yes, that sounds very nice.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"I love lamp."

WHAT A CUTE IDEA!!! I am a HUGE fan of lamps. I actually got one the other day from salvation army that I will upload as soon as I spice up the lamp shade. When I open my store, I definitely want to have a "lamp bar"... The other pictures are do it yourself lamps. One is made out of hemp, the other is a tin can, and the other is an old washing machine barrel. LOVE THEM ALL!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I love using things for anything but their real purpose.

I saw this on a website & before I realized what it was I already thought it was cool. Now that I know it is supposed to be used for something else, it is even more interesting. Champagne flutes as candle holders, who would have thought?!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decisions. Decisions.

Soooo Marketing Management has to be the easiest/most boring class on earth. In order to keep myself awake, I decided that I should use my time more efficiently and come up with a list of names for my future store. I've narrowed it down to these:

- The Vintage Mix
- Retro Refuge
- The Eclectic Attic
- Rustic Rooms

hmmmm... I like them all. Oh well, I guess I don't have to decide anytime soon! But its still fun to ponder.

I love to paint. I love to create.

My DREAM is to open my own store of refurbished furniture, art, & other creations by local artists! I'm a senior marketing major at UCA & every class I take, I have my "future store" in mind. I've already developed the business plan & started collecting inventory even though it will most likely be several years until it ever opens. Until then, I plan to put pictures on this blog of stuff I have done as well as cool decorating ideas that I hope to use as inspiration for when my reveries unfold.