Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DIY Dorm Room for cheap

I found this one on

Construction paper feature wall! The investment is minimal & it only takes couple of hours on a weekend to transform an otherwise dull space. As Candace Olsen would say... "HOW divine!"

I got the above idea from

COFFEE FILTER WALL FLOWERS: Cheap, funky, & fun! The best part is you don't have to worry about dorm room rules, no need to nail holes in the wall, you can use sticky-tack or tape for this pretty design!

How To:
Round up a ton of coffee filters, how many you need will be based on how intricate of a design you want to make
Cut them as desired (refer to the picture for examples of how she cut around the border on some of the filters).
Using sticky-tack, firmly press them to the wall in whatever design you desire! You can copy the example above or let your creative juices flow and create a work of art all your own!

This was mine & Chelsea Grahams dorm room our freshman year at UCA. We lived in hughes hall on the 1st floor in a tinie-tiny room! This is how we made it feel "homey"... We got pink insulation foam panels at home depot & cut them down the the size we wanted using an exacto-knife. Then we used spray adhesive to glue to batting to the foam & then did the same thing with the red fabric we found on clearance. The headboards sit on the floor & you just push the bed up against it to hold them into place. To add a little more flare, we used hercules hooks to hang black & white prints on them that we purchased for cheap at walmart. This made us feel cozy & not like we were in a dorm room... They can also be pushed together to make a queen headboard which is what they are currently being used for... very functional.

Our parents had a bunch of old records that we used as wall decorations. We used sticky tack to hang them so that it didn't ruin the records & hung them angled to make it a little more funky. This drew peoples eyes up when they entered the room.

The dorm rooms are TINY so the best way to maximize your space is to build up! Chelsea's dad built us these custom shelves that sat on the top of our desks... I don't know what we would have done without these! They were a HUGE help.


  1. Loved your dorm room decor!! So proud of you! Best of Luck :)