Friday, July 23, 2010


Thank you Jesus for giving us trees!!! The uses for them are numerous & I love the idea of taking natural elements indoors. Now if you're a tree hugger, I apologize because I think making stumps into side tables is pure genius! You can leave them natural, sand & stain it, or paint it... love love love!


  1. So Brittany, where would I find a stump...cause I am pretty sure I don't wanna go choppin!! Love that yellow rug in the first looks like a pottery barn?

  2. haha hhhrrmmmm... Joy, That is a VERY good question. You know, my uncle chops wood every year, I bet he could come up with some stumps if I asked him real nicely! I'm not much of a "chopper" myself (haha). Maybe you could ask someone you know how chops wood in the winter?...As for the rug & white stump picture... that is out of a West Elm magazine! I LOVE their stuff, its like pottery barn with a modern twist!

  3. Joy, I found one for you if you have someone that can cut it lol...